Bos day 2 mid morn.-178.jpg
Butterflies Fort Myers-149.jpg
Gulf Fritillary butterfly feeding on a red blossom.jpg
Panther stalks prey through forest floor.jpg
Sandhill cranes in silhouette at Bosque del Apache in sunset.jpg
Celery Fields w Mike-37.jpg
Cowee overlook 2-77.jpg
Delicate beard on a red and yellow iris.jpg
egret delicate feathers.jpg
Gatorland 2017-58-2-Edit.jpg
Gatorland 2017-137.jpg
Glow of Sunrise just prior to sun appearing at Fort DeSoto in Florida_.jpg
Ollie's pond w Dru-252.jpg
Osprey leaving water with out his catch.jpg
Owls on Maria St-52.jpg
Paynes Prairie w Mary-74.jpg
Profile of great blue heron with fluffy feathers.jpg
Red-bellied woodpecker on branch looking right.jpg
Reddish Egret preening in low water, Florida-Edit-Edit.jpg
Sun just peaking through windows of Sarasota skyline at dawn.jpg
Super Moon setting Manasota Key, Florida, Nov 14_.jpg
Venice pier, Florida, at sunset with intentionally blurry waves to show motions and beauty.jpg
White egret with breeding plumage-Edit.jpg
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (Nyctanassa violacea) head shot.jpg
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